Ear correction

Ears are part of the frame of an attractive face. Bat ears or over sized ears are often perceived as a not very complementing feature.

Children do not want to stand out from the norm and this is why ear correction is often done early in life. An unusual appearance of the ears can negatively affect the development of a child.

Even later on at adulthood, unusually shaped or too far protruding ears can have an important impact on someone’s self esteem, especially after being bullied at school.

Most often though, adult otoplasty is simply done for a more attractive look.


It is amazing, how many different techniques have been developed to make ears look more natural.
To name them all would definitively exceed the information which could sensibly be put on a website, and therefore the appropriate method should be bespoken with you specialist facial surgeon.

Most otoplasty procedures, allow placing the scars behind the ears, so that they are hardly noticeable.


Duration of operation: 1-2 hours
Anesthetic: usually general anaesthetic
Hospital stay: ambulant
Removal of sutures: 7 days postop
Ok to go out: 7 to 10 days postop