Eyelid correction

Many men and women suffer from hooded upper lids and eyebags. They complain of looking old or tired. Blepharoplasty (lid lift, eyelid / eye bag operation) has been developed to take care of excess upper lid skin, and bags of the lower lids. Modern blepharoplasty techniques show amazing improvement of appearance in wisely chosen patients.

Excess skin and fat are cautiously removed, tissues are tightened, so that a more youthful looking you is created.


Depending on your anatomy, excess upper eyelid skin is removed - with or without fat bag excision. In most upper lid techniques, this is performed via an approach in your natural eyelid crease.

Lower lid surgery has mainly been developed to take care of (fat) bags. Its use in tightening lower lid skin to reduce wrinkles can sometimes be limited. Most often, an approach below the lash line is chosen. In elastic lidskin, it might me possible to remove fat bags from inside of the lid.


Duration of operation: 45-100 minutes
Anesthetic: usually general anaesthetic
Hospital stay: daycase or one overnight stay
Removal of sutures: 1 weeks postop
Ok to go out: 2 weeks postop/td>