Nose job

The nose is the centre of the face and has a leading role in defining a face as being attractive or harmonic. Many men and women suffer from a twisted nose, a hump or convex shape from the side view, an excessively big nose, a protruding tip, a long nose, a hanging tip, a broad nose and tip, or large and wide nostrils.

So is rhinoplasty (nose job) all take and no give? No, as a matter of fact many patients come to see Dr. Gonschior for augmentation rhino-plasty in order to make short noses longer, lift flat tips, or build up the bridge (dorsum) of the nose.



As you can see in the diagram, an open and a closed approach can be chosen.

Choice depends on the part of your nose, which needs changing. A hump on the dorsum will probably be suitable for a closed technique, whereas a lot of tip work, might require an open technique.

There are hundreds of different ways to change the shape of a nose, and piles of books explaining them. It is unrealistic to try to understand the intricacies of rhinoplasty surgery by studying on the internet. Your specialist facial surgeon needs to talk you through everything involved with the procedure, so please see him for a consultation.


Duration of operation: 1-3 hours
Anesthetic: usually general anaesthetic
Hospital stay: ambulant 2 days postop
Removal of sutures: 7 days postop
Ok to go out: 1 to 2 weeks