Nose reconstruction

Nose reconstruction is defined as reconstructing the outside and inside of a nose, the way it was before trauma or disease, as good as possible. Malformation can also require nasal reconstruction, in order to improve the breathing or to achieve an appearance, which is perceived as less unusual.

The most often performed functional reconstruction of the nose is a septal straightening procedure in order to improve nasal breathing (septoplasty). Quite often, crooked noses are partially caused by twisting of the nasal septum (the internal wall between the right and left nasal passage). Therefore, septoplasty is also often performed for pure aesthetic reason.


The magnitude of different techniques for nasal reconstruction – and this very similar to cosmetic rhinoplasty - is so diverse and complex, that hundreds of books and articles have been written about them.

It is not possible, to comprehensively cover rhinoplasty technique on a website.

During a consultation with Dr. Dr. Gonschior, you will learn all you need to know about the implications of this type of surgery, which matter to your anatomy, so that you can make an informed decision.


Duration of operation: 2-3 hours
Anesthetic: usually general anaesthetic
Hospital stay: ambulant 3 or 4 overnight st
Removal of sutures: 7 days postop
Ok to go out: 1 or 14 days postop