Frontal lift / browlift

An even frown with nicely shaped and positioned eyebrows is often considered of paramount importance to achieve facial youth and beauty.

Over time, most people observe sagging of their eyebrows and frown. Not only that many patients prefer a higher position of their eyebrows as such, most patients realize the impact of low sitting eyebrows on hooding of the eyelids. In order to compensate for this sagging, many people actively raise their eyebrows by use of their frown muscles, which in turn produces unwanted wrinkles on the frown.

Brow lifting techniques can often take care of these problems.


There are three main surgical techniques to lift eyebrows:

  • the direct brow lift
  • the conventional/bicoronal browlift
  • the endoscopic browlift (endobrow)

The eyebrows and the frown is lifted via one of these approaches and fixated in the required position. Dr. Dr. S. Gonschior will explain to you, which technique is the most suitable to your anatomy.


Duration of operation: 2 hours
Anesthetic: usually general anaesthetic
Hospital stay: 1 or 2 overnight stays
Removal of sutures: 5 or 12 days postop
Ok to go out: 1 to 2 weeks postop