Implant Prosthetic

Prosthetic work, is understood as replacing lost teeth with crowns, bridges, partial or complete dentures. Is the anchoring point a dental implant, it is called implant prosthetic.

High quality dental implant prosthetic is probably as important for long-term success, as good oral hygiene is. When it comes to implant prosthetic, we only collaborate with referring dentists, and technicians who are specialised in this field. Of course there are many patients who come to us directly without having been referred by their dentist, because of the excellent quality and safety of a proper Maxillo-Facial-Surgery practice. In our setting, dental implants are places all the time, not only once in a while.


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Duration of operation: 1-2 hours
Anesthetic: Local or general anesthetic
Hospital stay: ambulant
Removal of sutures: 1 week postop
Ok to go out: 5 or 14 days postop