Sinus Floor Elevation

After loosing a side tooth of the upper jaw, significant bone loss often occurs where the root of the tooth has been. In these cases, dental implant placement at the side of the upper jaw, is often unreliable or simply unfeasible without a sinus floor elevation procedure.


Via the drill hole made for the implant, or via an approach from the side of the maxillary sinus, bone is put onto the floor of the maxillary sinus. The body replaces part of the transplanted bone by newly formed own bone, so that the surgeon has enough thickness of bone to place an implant. Often this is combined with a lateral augmentation procedure.

To achieve superior results, Dr. Dr. Gonschior advises to use a mix of the patient’s own bone together with synthetic bone and plasma from the patient.


Duration of operation: 1-2 hours
Anesthetic: Local or general anesthetic
Hospital stay: ambulant
Removal of sutures: 1 week postop
Ok to go out: 7-14 days postop