Reduction double chin

A surplus of skin and double chins are very common complaints. Fat tissue below the chin is often mainly dependent on an individuals genetics. This is why these deposits often stubbornly stay despite dieting or facial exercises.

Liposuction below the chin and the removal of excess skin can often improve appearance.


Liposuction of the chin is performed via mini approaches below the chin and the ear lobes. Superior and more even results are achieved with the use of micro tubes, which allow for more gentle tissue handling. Another way of reducing excess skin and fat is a direct excision technique via a one inch cut just behind the first crease below the chin.


Duration of operation: 1-2 hours
Anesthetic: usually general anaesthetic
Hospital stay: 1 or 2 overnight stays
Removal of sutures: 7 days postop
Ok to go out: 1 to 2 weeks postop