Hair transplants

Men and women often suffer from hair loss. They want to look healthier, young and dynamic by getting back what has gone. Modern hair restoration techniques often can make this wish come true.

In micro hair transplantation, a strip of haired skin or punch grafts is/are harvested from the back of your head, from the area where most patients never loose their hair. This hair baring skin is cut down into hundreds of micro grafts, which contain about two hair follicles each, and which can be transplanted into the bald areas of your skull. Transplanting hair in follicular units allows obtaining naturalness of appearance.


The reason why hair transplantation from one area to another does work at all, lies within the fact that many hair follicles continue to survive the grafting process, and heal in at the skin position which has been prepared to receive them. Once they have taken on as a graft, they will last for as long as they would have lasted at the position from which they are harvested from – which is, in most patients, for a lifetime.

This is because of some information which is stored in their cells, and which doesn’t seem to change after transplantation. Micro-hair transplantation lends itself to a more youthful and active appearance. Because of the small size of micro grafts, the „tooth-brush-type“ look can most often be avoided.


Duration of operation: 1 to 4 hours depending on region
Anesthetic: Local or general anesthetic
Hospital stay: day case
Removal of sutures: 1 week postop
Ok to go out: 2 weeks postop